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Overseas Filipino Workers and the COMELEC Data Leakage

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21 April 2016, Singapore

This blog post is based on current events, I will update this post as I gather updates.

Being a Patriotic Filipino has its downside: by now you have already heard that your personal information is now available and searchable online. And this had to happen during election season, when millions of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) trooped to the Philippine Embassy of their host countries to register as an Absentee Voter or register their biometrics.

There’s really nothing we can do to prevent that data loss, and also nothing we can do to hide our personal information if we are a registered voter. The confidential info available are passport info, local and overseas addresses, email address, etc. So the only thing we could do right now is to further protect ourselves from further compromises to our personal information.

Here are some tips at how a typical OFW can mitigate the damage that will be caused by this data leakage:

  1. Find out if your personal information has been compromised. As I run the risk of being sued by the relevant Philippine government agency, I will not post the link here. However, Google is your friend.
  2. Be more extra careful about physically securing your passport.
  3. Inquire the Philippine Embassy if one could renew one’s passport a little earlier. (I will do this, and will update this site on any development).
  4. Some OFWs would want their overseas addresses confidential. Since this is no longer the case, if it really matters then it’s time to change address.

More safety tips can be found in this Facebook page.



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April 21, 2016 at 10:33 PM

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