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I was asked by some readers where I get the intro and outro music for my tech videos.

I composed and recorded them.

Geek Rock (“The Cowbell Song”) was recorded around 2008/2009 and was used for the Windows 7 Deployment Series Videos. And for those of you asking if the Saturday Night Live skit has something to do with this song, the answer is No. In fact, I only got to look up that SNL skit when someone commented “We need more cowbell” in the Deployment Series Part 1 video!

Here is the Windows 7 Deployment Series where Geek Rock was used.

External Sync was recorded around 2011 while I was experimenting with the arpeggiators of the Motif synthesizer. After I came across the arpeggiator pattern that we hear in the song, and cooked up the instruments in my head, my next problem was how to configure an external synchronization source. This is for me to sync up the Motif arpeggiator with the MIDI drum programming. I never got to solve that issue during recording.

Here it is!

Both songs were recorded in my home studio, which I guess some techies who produce tech videos have to accommodate vocal recordings for the tech videos.

jay paloma | 28 nov 2015 | bangkok


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November 28, 2015 at 9:02 AM

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