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Windows 8 on an iPad?

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I have received quite a number of inquiries on how I was able to run Windows 8 on an iPad, when I posted this picture in Facebook

Me playing with Windows 8 on an iPad Mini

Me playing with Windows 8 on an iPad Mini

What’s involved here is a handful of Citrix technologies. On the backend, Citrix XenDesktop delivered the virtual desktop and Citrix XenServer is the hypvervisor where a virtual instance of Windows 8 is running. By all means, the hypervisor may also be Microsoft Hyper-V, of this i am not personally sure what was used. The only software installed on the iPad is Citrix Receiver.

Note that this is not just a one-off thing that I did today. This is the  virtual desktop infrastructure in use by the company, and it just so happens that we were also given an instance of Windows 8 to play with. Because of this infrastructure, not only can I play around with Windows 8 on my iPad — or on any device for that matter (even on iPhone and Android devices if one would really want to), I can also do more serious stuff like enter my timesheets and expense claims in the corporate SAP, download/upload files from the corporate portal, and others. I can also run Internet Explorer because some Microsoft cloud stuff works best in IE. Live Mesh is one of these examples.

With the wide availability of user devices, IT practices like Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) are already in place in some organizations, and the technologies mentioned above would bring about the IT infrastructure where users will do their work on devices they are comfortable using, and not confined to the physical office location. Really glad to be a part of this paradigm shift as it happens.


Written by jpaloma

December 21, 2012 at 10:26 PM

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