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Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 5.5: Performance Metrics Wizard

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Now if you want to use Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAPS) 5.5 for virtualization assessment, you need to run the Performance Metrics Wizard. This is a process where MAPS will tap into WMI every 5 mins and get performance data from your target servers. First you need to create a text file with FQDN or NetBIOS name of the servers which you want to assess.

1. Run the Performance Metrics Wizard under Performance and Consolidation. You will be prompted for your server list, just select the txt file you created earlier

2. You will be asked for confirmation how many machines will be involved based on the contents of your text file. Just click OK.

3. You will now be asked for administrative credentials to the machine. The Local Administrator should be fine as long as the credentials are the same across all the machines. You have an option to use different credentials for different machines, or just use an account that is a member of the Domain Admins group.

4. Indicate when you want the performance metrics collection to end.

5. Review your options and click Finish to commence data collection.

6. You will be shown a status window of the performance metrics data collection. Note that performance metrics reports will not be available until this process is properly finished (i.e., based on the duration you provided earlier).


Written by jpaloma

February 20, 2011 at 10:06 PM

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