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Video Series: Deploying Windows 7 from Windows XP

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This is a video series on Deploying Windows 7 from Windows XP using the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010.

The first time I knew Microsoft Deployment Toolkit was during Windows Vista days. I found this an awesome technology added to the fact that it is free. Unfortunately, not many organizations really embraced Windows Vista, thereby overlooking this technology, and others that are related to Windows client deployment (e.g., WAIK, WIM).

Microsoft has gone through great lengths in ensuring that Windows deployment would be a breeze in organizations that would have gone to Windows Vista, and will go to Windows 7. Therefore I have created this video series to share the best practices I gathered from the field on using these two free tools – MDT 2010 and WAIK – to deploy Windows 7 across the organization consisting of Windows XP machines.

A lot of folks may eventually figure out that Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) is too cumbersome because of the fact that its tools are non-GUI, and that MDT is actually the GUI version of WAIK. However, I strongly recommend to technology professionals to familiarize themselves with at least the deployment cycle using WAIK alone, then adopting them to an automated process like MDT. This would give us the proper balance between automation and flexibility.

WAIK is cool, as follows:

  1. You get to learn stuff under the hood. Although you can create WIM using MDT, managing it would still be through WAIK, therefore if you don’t have WAIK knowledge, you will end up with default WIM and not really maximize the new and cool features of the Windows Imaging technologies.
  2. Text-based = scriptable and flexible. It’s not entirely difficult to automate Windows 7 Deployment using WAIK alone because you can script it, and your options are limitless as to customizing your deployment.
  3. Let’s face it: text-based commands are cool … makes you look geeky.

But then again, having too much human control exposes the deployment exercise to human error, especially the processes that deal with the target machines. Those should be automated as much as possible.

So with that, here are the videos of the Windows 7 Deployment from Windows XP Series

Part 1 – Generating WinPE Boot CD on WAIK

Part 2 – Using WAIK to Acquire Windows 7 Image into WIM

Part 3 – Using WAIK to Deploy Windows 7 WIM Image into a New Machine

Part 4 – Using MDT to Acquire Windows 7 Image into WIM

Part 5 – Using MDT to Import a WIM Image and Using PXE Boot to Deploy

Part 6 – Windows 7 Deployment via MDT 2010 Media

Part 7 – Deploying Windows 7 via MDT Network Share

jay paloma | 29 dec 2009 | singapore


Written by jpaloma

November 12, 2010 at 4:34 PM

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  1. […] I was looking through tech materials I had produced / written over the past years, the Windows 7 Deployment Video Series still top my list, and more than 5 years after it was published it is still getting monthly views. […]

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